18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (2024)

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By Biraj Khanal | On 16 February 2024 07:29 AM

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (4)

Imagine living in a house infused with the warmth and beauty of the Mediterranean coast. Picture yourself stepping through an arched doorway, greeted by sun-drenched walls and the scent of olive trees. That's the allure of Mediterranean-style homes, offering a taste of relaxed elegance and connection to nature.

Mediterranean homes are distinguished by the blending of features from several local cultures and geographical regions. Decorative elements like red roof tiles, stucco walls, and enclosed outdoor patios add to the beauty of these exquisite homes. So, let us dive right into different types of Mediterranean houses and styles further in this article.

1. Italian Mediterranean Style House

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (5)

This Mediterranean-style house is inspired by the Italian architecture that was influenced by the Rome-style Mediterranean houses compiled with uncomplicated elegance.

Their clay roof tiles, grand arches, and a mix of stone and stucco provide the exterior with a classic Italian appearance. The arches are used inside and outside the homes to depict the sense of history with its elegant and authentic design.

2. Spanish Revival Mediterranean House Design

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (6)

Homes constructed in the Spanish Revival style are a little less ornate than those in the Mediterranean style. The house-made with a blend of Spanish revival and Mediterranean style are typically more than two floors tall and have symmetrical proportions.

Stucco walls in warm terracotta or ochre hues bask under terracotta roof tiles. A grand arched entryway, perhaps adorned with wrought iron details, beckons you in. These designs are often popular in temperate and coastal places and feature lower-pitched rooflines that seem bigger and heavier.

3. Luxury Mediterranean Home

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (7)

As the name suggests, these residences are the epitome of luxury lifestyles and are reminiscent of sunny, coastal regions rooted in traditional European architecture. The large spacious rooms and the combination of outdoor and internal living spaces are the pivotal highlights of these types of houses.

Its exterior is typically clad with stucco, stone, or brick with terra cotta roof tiles and wrought iron accents. Arched doorways and windows, balconies, and courtyards are also common features. Also, the interior is warm and inviting, with rich colors, such as terra cotta, ochre, and gold.

4. Mediterranean Garden Houses

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (8)

These Mediterranean garden houses seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living creating a haven of tranquility and a vibrant embrace of a flourishing garden, courtyards, loggias, and patios. These provide a sense of enjoyment for the homeowners and the guests who enjoy gardening, entertaining, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Large windows and French doors invite natural light and fresh air, while potted plants and strategically placed greenery add bursts of life within. The soothing sounds of babbling fountains or cascading waterfalls add a touch of serenity and enhance the connection to nature.

5. Modern Mediterranean House

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (9)

Mediterranean-style homes usually have an old-world look but it is possible to apply the style with the modern touch.

The modern ones reintroduce a focus on the luxury lifestyle and include aesthetic elements from the classic old design. The home exteriors pair limestone and stucco with the over-grouted terra-cotta roof to provide an authentic Italian look. The cleanly lined windows and the sleeky black frames offer this style a contemporary edge among the others.

6. Coastal-Themed Mediterranean Home Design

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (10)

Coastal and naval elements are the inevitable ones in the Mediterranean homes. This design captures the essence of relaxed seaside living, weaving together the charm of the Mediterranean with the beauty of the coast.

The exterior features a stucco facade with blue shutters, terracotta roof tiles, and a turquoise ocean view. The interior features a cool, calming palette of the Aegean Sea, with white walls, turquoise accents, and natural textures.

7. Classic Mediterranean Home Style

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (11)

The classic Mediterranean architecture is highly inspired by the architecture of Spain and Italy as well as other European nations such as Greece. These home designs provide a seamless blend of warmth, rusticity, and a connection to the outdoors, frequently linked to prosperity and a relaxed way of life.

The house is distinguished by its use of several organic materials such as ceramics, woodwork, and wrought iron whispering of timeless elegance.

8. Small Mediterranean Houses

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (12)

Small Meditteranean houses offer a charming and cozy space with simplicity, perfect for those who appreciate the warmth, character, and connection to nature. This modest house has stucco walls and more relatable tile roofs.

The arched arches across the front porch provide the breezy hallway which provides shade and fresh air to flow into the house. A classic touch that extends the living area outdoors and complements the overall aesthetic. This type of house can be built on a budget as well.

9. Stucco Clad Mediterranean Style Home

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (13)

One of the distinctive and known features of the Mediterranean home designs is the in and out stucco which provides distinctive characteristics of Mediterranean architecture.

In hot climates, these layered walls aid in keeping the sun out during the day allowing a pleasant interior environment. The facade of this Mediterranean villa is finished in crisp white stucco with ornamental arches and wrought-iron accents that cover the exterior of the home.

10. French-Mediterranean Style House

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (14)

It truly embodies a blend of rustic charm and sophisticated elegance, drawing inspiration from the sun-drenched villas of the French Riviera and the warmth of Provençal farmhouses. French-Mediterranean-style houses are distinguished by intricate stonework, stucco coating, and elaborately carved entrances.

Ornate balconies, window grates, and doors crafted from wrought iron add a touch of sophistication and visual interest. Also, Large French doors leading to balconies or patios create a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors.

11. Mediterranean Home Design With Decorative Tiling

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (15)

A Mediterranean home adorned with decorative tiling is like taking a trip to a sun-drenched paradise. The aesthetic has evolved drawing numerous cultures that have ruled the region.With the civilizations coming from various artisanal influences, handcrafted mosaic tiling is one of the prime examples of its interior design.

Tiling techniques like Roman mosaic, Moroccan Morrish cut tiles, and terracotta hexagonal titles are some of the commonly used decorative tiles. These hand-crafted beauties, often featuring geometric patterns in contrasting colors, are a signature element of Mediterranean design.

12. Mediterranean Houses With Outdoor Living Spaces

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (16)

The Mediterranean region is known for its laid-back lifestyle, warm climate, and beautiful scenery. It's no surprise that outdoor living spaces play a central role in homes there.

The heart and soul of many Mediterranean homes, and courtyards offer a private and sheltered oasis for relaxation, dining, and entertaining. Extending the living space outdoors, terraces and patios are perfect for alfresco dining, lounging, or simply soaking up the sun.

13. Mediterranean Influenced Architecture Homes

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (17)

These style homes are heavily influenced by the architecture of Spain, Italy, and other European countries including France, Portugal, and Greece. It gained popularity appeal during the 1920s in places in California and Florida and continues to be one of the popular home styles today.

They mainly emphasize warmth and outdoor living and the aesthetics are often associated with a wealthy and leisurely lifestyle.

14. Meditterranean Home Exterior Elements

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (18)

The front porches of Mediterranean houses with Italian inspiration are often defined by the stone columns arched by roofs. Their roofs feature wide, overhanging eaves with large brackets under the roofline.

A variety of terra-cotta tiles top this stucco home, looking for the reclined Italian tile without sacrificing durability. The color palette of a Mediterranean home is typically warm and earthy, reflecting the colors of the region.

15. Mediterranean Houses With Landscaping

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (19)

The allure of the Mediterranean lifestyle extends beyond stunning architecture and translates beautifully into outdoor spaces. The vibrant landscaping adds inviting curbs against the Mediterranean-style homes.

These gardens often feature a lot of contrast such as foilage against stone walls, sprawling next to tidy clipped hedges. Pave walkways, patios, and courtyards with natural stones like flagstone, travertine, or cobblestone exude warmth, texture, and timeless elegance.

16. Colorful Mediterranean Homes

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (20)

Mediterranean-style homes usually feature warm, neutral exterior colors but also can be painted in more vibrant colors such as blue, light gold, and even pink.

In addition to the stucco, roof, doors, and trimmed colors, the landscaping can be a factor in a bright exterior palette. The colorful designs create a colorful Mediterranean house tied up with the surrounding lawn and landscapes. The homeowner chose flowers and greenery to draw more attention to the two-story design as well as the front porch and two balconies.

17. Tuscan-Inspired Mediterranean Architecture

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (21)

Tuscan architecture, a specific branch of the broader Mediterranean style, adds distinct characteristics to your dream home. These homes prioritize a warm, inviting aura. Think rough-hewn stone or stucco exteriors in earthy tones like ochre, sienna, and terracotta.

Clay tile roofs, often terracotta, are a must-have. They add visual texture, blend seamlessly with the color palette, and offer excellent insulation. Their intricate designs complement the rustic theme with decorative wrought iron elements like balconies, railings, gates, and light fixtures.

18. All-White Mediterranean Style House

18 Mediterranean Style Homes You Should Consider (22)

The Mediterranean houses are all about the rustic material palette and the earthy tones. The facade of this Mediterranean housing design is finished in pristine white stucco with ornamental arches and wrought iron details.

The white base acts as the perfect canvas for vibrant red clay tiles and warm wood tones. The subtle texture with the accent of whitewashed stones around doorways, windows, or pillars provides extra elegance for this design. Also, you can add contrasting elements with the dominant white to avoid a sterile look.

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