Everything About American Rapper Yelawolf's Wife- Fefe Dobson. (2024)

How would you ever feel if you were famous globally due to your husband’s popularity? You’d feel proud, right? And today, in this capsule, we will be talking about a gorgeous lady who not only is proud of her spouse but shares an equal spotlight in the media.

The celebrity we are gushing about is none other thanFefe Dobson, famous as the wife of an American hip-hop artist and rapper,Yelawolf. Further, he is one of the industry’s most popular hip–hop artists, and after releasing his first album, Creekwater.

Likewise, the performer is a member of the American male rap group,Pseudonymous Rapper, and Rapper from Alabama, he received wide recognition and was part of a reality show, The Road to Stardom.

Furthermore, Miss. Dobson is a Canadian singer and songwriter better known for singing in pop-rock, pop-punk, and power app genres. Also, the diva won the 202 Canadian Radio Music Awards-SOCAN Song of the Year and is famous for her self-titled debut album Bye Bye Boyfriend and Don’t Go.

Additionally, she has accumulated a decent fortune through her victorious musical career. If you want to collect more information about her bio, wiki, net worth, salary, and personal life then read this article till the end.

Scarborough Native

The famous country musical artist, Fefe first stepped onto the earth on 28th February 1985 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to her parents holding the zodiac sign of Pisces. However, the star has kept her lips locked regarding her parents’ identification.

Likewise, she grew up alongside a sister namedTanya Dobsonand two brothers namedCullen Dobson and Sheldon Dobson. The star belongs to a mixed ethnic background as her mom is of English, Dutch, Aboriginal, and Irish, whereas her dad is of Jamaican heritage. As per nationality, Dobson is Canadian and follows the Christian religion.

In addition to this, to improve her singing, the diva attended Wexford Collegiate Institution and began taking singing lessons at the New Conservatory of Music in Agincourt, Scarborough. Then, she graduated from Heritage Park Public School.

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Is Fefe Dobson Married?

When it comes to the personal life of the famous musician Fefe Dobson, she gives birth to several queries like, who is Fefe’s boyfriend? Or is she already married? Well, she hasn’t really revealed her relationship and affairs to the media yet. Few of her fans guess she is a married woman whereas some say she is a bachelor.

Well, for your information, Fefe was once married to her long-time boyfriend-turned-husband, Yelawolf. The two were in a relationship for several years until they decided on their engagement.

After dating for more than a decade, the lovey-dovey couple exchanged their wedding vows in July 2013. However, there is no exact information about their wedding and venue.

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After two years, the duo decided to split because of some personal problems. Further, no other relationship detail is mentioned. As, she so far has successfully kept her private life away from the media.

Sadly, the lovebird broke their relationship in 2016 because of some personal problems. But the two reconnected after some time by sharing the news of their marriage with a lengthy Instagram caption.

Apart from this, Fefe once accused Rihanna of stealing her style and copying her tattoos back in 2009. Recently, her Twitter was filled with pity comments; her fiance Yelawolf is surrounded by the rumors and controversy of splitting with her, but this news is yet to be confirmed.

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More About Her Husband, Yelawolf.

Fefe’s spouse, Yelawolf was born on30 December 1979in Gadsden, USA as the son of Sheila. When his mom was just 15 years old, she gave birth to him. Unfortunately, he has not revealed the details about his early life; it seems he doesn’t like to talk much about his early life in front of the media. When Yelawolf was young he studied at Carter Lawrence Elementary School.

Reportedly, he started his career when he appeared in a reality show named The Roadto Stardom withMissy Elliott. The guy launched his album Creek Water in 2005 after he was eliminated from the show. Later, he signed an agreement with Columbia Records after two years.

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Then, the singer was able to release his single calledKickinwith the help of Columbia Records. Following Kickin’s great success, Yelawolf signed with Ghet – O – Vision Entertainment in 2009 and releasedArena Rapwith extended play. Also, he signed with Interscope Records a major record deal.

Later, the handsome hunk appeared at St. Andrews in a show calledBizarre’s Friday Night and joined an Eminem record deal in March 2011. Following the album’s great success with Emine, he released his other single,Let’s Roll,on October 30, 2011. Also, the star signed a deal with one of the great singers,Ed Sheeranon 31 January 2012 and has launched many songsF.A.S.T. Ride, Way Out.

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How Wealthy Is Fefe Dobson?

The highly low-profile spouse of famous rapper Yelawolf, Fefe Dobson, hasn’t disclosed her actual net worth yet. However, the talented songwriter might have earned a big chunk of money from her long professional career.

After investigating for a while, we can predict that Fefe has an accessed net worth of$ 1.1 millionas of 2024; the average salary of a Canadian singer isC$20,067toC$160,746. The primary source of her income is from her singing and songwriting career. In addition to this, the diva has a house in Toronto, Canada, where she spent her childhood.

On the other hand, her beloved fiance Yelawolf holds a total net worth of$6 millionfrom his singing career. The handsome hunk is an American singer and songwriter who has been active in the field since 2005.

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Over a decade, the musician has accumulated big chunks of money in his bank account. But, he hasn’t disclosed his salary and earnings in the media. Further, his incomes come through rapping contracts with Columbia and Eminem’s Shady Records that he recently signed; one of his albums is Radioactive at #27 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Both of them receive a fruitful amount from the album sales and concerts. Earning such a great fortune, Fefe Dobson is living a lavish life in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada with her partner.

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Awards and Allocades

At 13, Yelawolf’s wife began writing music and began her career while she appeared in a reality show named The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot. The Queen launched her album Creek Water in 2005 after she was eliminated from the front.

Furthermore, the entertainer was contracted with Chris Smith, the manager of Nelly Furtado, after meeting Jay Levine. Then, Jay arranged her with many companies, and Universal Music Canada’s president Randy Lennox was interested in her.

Moreover, she also signed an agreement with Columbia Records after two years and could release her single called Bye Bye Boyfriend with the help of Columbia Records. Following Bye Bye Boyfriend’s great success, the singer signed with Ghet O Vision Entertainment in 2009.

On 9the December 2003, Fefe released her self-titled album, which includes Take Me Away and Don’t Go. And, her other albums like Sunday Love and Joy have hit singles such as Get You Off, Ghost, As a Blonde, You Bitch, etc.

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Besides this, she appeared as Cherry C. in Home Again in 2012 for which she was nominated for a Supporting Role, and Kim at Christmas in Compton. Her other projects comprise The Listener, All That, and many more.

The multi-talented Fefe has received numerous awards for her intricate works. Some of them are the 2012: Canadian Radio Music Awards-SOCAN Song of the Year, 2004: Much Music Video Awards for People’s Choice Favourite Canadian Artists, 2011: Much Music Video Awards for People’s Choice Favourite Canadian Artists, 2011: Much Music Awards for “Ur Fave Video”, 2012: Canadian Radio Music Awards-Fan Favourite, 2012: Canadian Radio Music Awards-SOCAN Song of the year.

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Everything About American Rapper Yelawolf's Wife- Fefe Dobson. (2024)


How did Yelawolf and Fefe meet? ›

Yelawolf met Canadian songwriter and recording artist Fefe Dobson at Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory where he was doing a show, and they became engaged in 2013. He says he saw her backstage and grabbed her by the belt loop, though she kept trying to run off, but now they're eyeballing a Halloween wedding.

How long has Yelawolf and Fefe Dobson been together? ›

In truly random news, singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson and rapper Yelawolf have tied the knot. The couple has dated since 2011 and got engaged in 2013.

How long has Yelawolf been with his wife? ›

In July 2013, Yelawolf got engaged to his girlfriend, recording artist Fefe Dobson. On September 27, 2019, Yelawolf posted snapshots of their wedding ceremony at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee.

How did Fefe Dobson become famous? ›

Dobson signed with Island/Def Jam soon after and released her self-titled debut album (2003), which saw the success of the singles "Bye Bye Boyfriend" and "Don't Go (Girls and Boys)" on the Canadian Hot 100 chart and for which she received two Juno Award nominations.

What is Yelawolf's net worth? ›

American rapper, entrepreneur, singer, fashion designer, and songwriter Michael Wayne Atha, aka Yelawolf's net worth, is a whopping $4.5 million. On December 30, 1979, Yelawolf was born in Gadsden, Alabama, but raised in Antioch, Tennessee, USA.

Where does Yelawolf live in Alabama? ›

Michael Wayne Atha (born December 30, 1979), better known as Yelawolf, is an American rapper from Gadsden, Alabama.

What happened to Fefe Dobson and Yelawolf? ›

Fefe Dobson and Yelawolf Divorced | TikTok.

What state is Yelawolf from? ›

Yelawolf was born Michael Wayne Atha in Gadsden, Alabama, where his two musical loves grew organically.

Is Yelawolf still signed to Eminem? ›

Yelawolf's Biggest Disagreement With Eminem Stemmed From The Kid Rock Collaboration “Let's Roll” He called some of the material on his Shady Records debut album "cringeworthy." After spending much of his career at Shady Records, Yelawolf is officially an independent artist.

Who is the yellow wolf? ›

Hemene Moxmox—better known as Yellow Wolf—was a member and warrior of Chief Joseph's band of Nez Perce (Niimíipuu) and played a pervasive role during the war of 1877; with a sort of legendary presence, he took part in almost all significant events and lived to tell the tale.

Why is Fefe Dobson important? ›

As an accomplished songwriter Fefe has penned hit songs for the biggest names in pop music including Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Jordin Sparks between releasing her own material for her follow up album 'Joy' (2010).

Is Yelawolf married? ›

Does Yelawolf have a wife? ›

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