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Piso en venta en Ensanche - Diputación - Plaza Séneca- Alicante 395,000€

Piso en venta en Tucumán, 4 centro de Alicante 280,000€

Chalet pareado en venta en zona Rincón de Loix - Benidorm 420,000€

57 years of unique historic insight to strengthen your position in the property market

Offering real estate management and consultancy since 1964, Mediterráneo Homes is one of Spain's most established property brokers. Via our network of 29 offices, 300 professionals, and our numerous International collaborations we offer more than 57 years of innovation and solutions for the homeowner, home buyer and investor.

Our rigorous technical capture and investment evaluation ensures that every property listed with Mediterráneo is free of non-conformities, offers distinct lifestyle benefits and can also appeal to a larger potential future buyer pool. Clients of Mediterráneo are afforded unique insights into important buyer demographics and the most searched/demanded property characteristics for their area.

As a buyer or seller, you can use this historic understanding of buyer behaviour to strengthen your position in the property market and bolster confidence in your investment decision. Below are just some of the unique benefits that we offer both home owners and buyers:

+60Years of experience



Benefits for Property Owners:

Strategic Global Collaborations

Mediterráneo enjoys long-term relationships and years of networking with Real Estate agencies throughout Europe. These collaborations attract a unique and affluent pool of investors who are already familiar with the area.

Dedicated Marketing Team

Each property we accept receives a tailor-made marketing solution aimed to the unique needs of the home and owner and with optimal online and offline exposure. This includes premium advertising in leading property portals (Idealista, Fotocasa, Kyero, etc.), a SEO optimised dedicated listing page on our website, Video marketing, remote viewings, an immediate push to our local, national, and foreign database of investors, Social Media marketing and paid advertising campaigns[ + ]

Excellent Track Record of Successful Closings

With a high percentage of foreign buyer interest in the area, during seller and buyer negotiations there is no substitute for experience and a deep understanding of different business cultures.
We are experienced multicultural mediators with valuable problem-solving skills. Our experience with various cultures means that we are able to anticipate and resolve potential problems before they may occur. Take advantage of our excellent track record of successful, smooth closings.
[ + ]

Focused marketing strategies to create optimal demand

Most buyers and investors have a distinct set of requirements in mind when looking to purchase a property in the area. Many of these requirements will often be repeated and highlighted. Our agents and marketing team are experts at drawing attention to and showcasing your home's most important and beneficial features in order to create the optimal demand for your property.

Professional consultants at your service

Innovation, professionalism, and passion for what we do allows us to offer you an excellent buying and selling experience.

We are here to expertly guide you through every step of the pre and post sales process preventing problems before they can occur allowing you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Playa de San Juan

Benefits for Buyers & Investors:

Local Expertise

Our helpful multilingual consultants are long-time residents of the area and can offer comprehensive knowledge about the local Real Estate market. They are able to proficiently and expertly match your investment and lifestyle requirements with the ideal area and home, and can expertly guide you through the intricacies of your purchase. [ + ]

Scrutinised Property Portfolio

We perform a rigorous technical capture, which means we inspect all property documentation including the Nota Simple, outstanding Mortgage, Energy Performance Certificate, Habitation Certificate and any possible non-conformities. We thoroughly examine all properties for inconsistencies and missing paperwork.

Remarkable Lifestyle & Investment Potential

We offer one of the largest unique and curated portfolios of Real Estate in the Costa Blanca and Spain. Our properties exemplify the ideal lifestyle of our national and international clientele and demonstrate excellent potential as an investment.

An Informed Investment Decision

An astute property purchase means that as a buyer you are not only satisfying your present lifestyle requirements but you are also purchasing a property that can appeal to the largest potential number of future buyers while demanding an optimal future resale value.

Our knowledgeable agents can inform you about the most requested property characteristics and features, best-performing property types, most common national and international buyer profiles, and most searched holiday rental properties. In addition gain valuable insight into the most progressive residential areas that show strong future market value potential.

[ + ]

We manage your rental

so that you can enjoy peace of mind

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Property for sale in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain | M.Homes Estate Agents (2024)
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